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                                          2021 Spring Wilderness Classes

Drop off nature immersion classes in Albany, NY. Three age groups are available.

Please note on the registration form which class you are signing up for. 


Due to Covid 19, new safety protocols are being implemented.

All participants must agree to abide by all the protocols.

Please review the Covid Protocols Document


Dates TBA

Location: The Bioreserve-



Track & Sign Certification


Feb. 27-28

Renssealaer Plateau, NY and surrounding area

From the CyberTracker Certification website:

The tracks and sign of any and all species encountered in the field may be asked, whether big or small, clear or obscure, fresh or old. After participants give their answers for a set of questions, a dialogue ensues between the evaluator and participants to provide the opportunity for everyone involved to internalize field marks, wildlife behavior, and natural history.

The Tracker Certifications emphasize practical tracking and the development of reliable field skills, and are unassociated with any particular philosophy or tracking school. No prior training is required to participate.

This is a great way to advance your tracking skills! Two full days packed with focused questioning and   in-depth detailed explanations from a certified expert tracking evaluator.

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Ancestral Ways: Reclaiming Our Past

If you’ve ever felt drawn to a waterfall, mountain range, serene lake, or boundless prairie,  you’ve experienced  “Biophilia”.  A reflexive response to our evolutionary relationship to nature.  Yes, we are part of nature!  Though modern civilization, over the last 5 thousand years, has moved us further and further apart. Still we find ourselves drawn to connect with the natural world.

We will meet one saturday per month for 10 months. Each day of this course will bring you back into that original relationship. As we gather our food, build our shelters, craft our clothes and containers and re-learn to  speak the language of nature, we will experience the kind of connectedness that our ancestors new for 100,000 ’s of years!      




Activities will include:

Friction Fire- create a 'bow drill' kit of your own and learn fire making freedom

Food gathering - Identify, harvest, process and eat wild plant foods from the land

Food prep- learn the oldest ways to process and preserve foods for long term storage

Primitive cooking- How do we cook in our primitive camp? Try multiple methods of primitive cooking

Tool and Container crafting- stone points, knives, and axes. Bark baskets, wooden spoons and bowls to aid our wild living!

Shelters- Try various forms of shelter building that can keep us dry and warm in  the wild.






Hide tanning- Transform a fresh deer hide into a supple, durable and comfortable leather for garments, bags and cordage

Clothing making- Take that deer hide and create a useful and beautiful accessory to your primitive living kit

Animal Tracking- Learn the basics of deciphering the sign and tracks left by animals.

Bird Language- unlock this secret worldwide communication system 

Nature Immersion- become a part of the landscape through deep observation and exprience

Story Telling- Experience the most ancient form of wisdom sharing. And it's FUN too!

And More!

Ages- 16 and up        


Locations- Grafton, NY and Albany, NY


Monthly classes, Sept. thru June


Overnight challenge



      Series - 850.00

      3 payments- 290 .00


Bring a friend, get 20% off your tuition.


Time- 9:00-4:30


Dates for 2019:  9/19, 10/24, 11/21, 12/19





Due to Covid 19 restrictions, our Winter Tracking Intensive will take on a different format this year.  Rather than a weekend long overnight experience, we will be running a 4 day series. Each day will have a few themes as we trek out on the landscape to find real time examples to really set those lesson in deep. Each day will be six hours of beautiful landscapes, good company, expert mentoring and instruction, and lots of fun & laughs.


Dates: January 17, 24, 31 & Feb. 7

Cost: 270-315 sliding scale

10 person maximum. Masks and social distancing will be required.

Unlock the secrets of the forest in this Wildlife Tracking Intensive. In this joint venture with Flying Deer Nature Center, participants will get a deep and detailed insight into what stories the tracks of an animal can tell. Everyone will walk away with a rich understanding of the various methods used to positively identify, interpret and communicate the findings in the tracks they encounter.


Topics covered will include:
  -Track id   - Gaits   - Bones & Feathers  -Life cycles   -Habitat use  - Telling the story   -History  -How to use local ecology to anticipate animal movement    - How to properly use measurements

     All this will be done while following the trails of bobcat, deer, fox, rabbit, coyote and more!

Capital District WildlifeTracking Club 

Monthly, 3rd Sunday of the month

Dates: 9/27, 10/18, 11/22, 12/20, 1/17

Time: 9-12

Cost: Donations

Ages:10 and up     

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Winter Tracking Intensive  2021

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