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Join Dan Yacobellis with special guest instructor Josh Wood as they co lead this four week series in the Northeast woods. Taken to a variety of habitats spread out through Rensselaer, Columbia and Berkshire counties, the participants will have the opportunity to see the tracks and sign of most of the mammalian residents of this area written in the snow covered landscape. 


Participants will come away with a good basic understanding of :

- Foot Morphology

- Body movements and locamotion

- Habitat preferences and uses

- Life cycles

- Animal behavior

- In-depth discussion on animal behavior and natural history and how the animals and their environment shape each other

- How to combine all of these to interpret the sign we find


This course offers something for most skill levels from novice to intermediate


Tracking is an excellent way to have fun in winter while getting more connected to the natural world


Cost: 400.00 per person       15% discount if you bring a friend

Dates: Feb. 19, 26    Mar. 6, 12

Times:8:30- 4:00

10 Person maximun enrollment

Winter Tracking Intensive 2022

Capital District Wildlife Tracking Club

Held in a variety of locations near the capital district of NY, this is chance to get outside with other nature enthusiasts to learn, explore and connect

When: Monthly, 2nd Sunday 

Time: 8:45- 12:30

Cost: By Donation

10 person maximum. First come/first serve.


          Please email to receive specific location information


Cyber Tracker Track & Sign Certification

Come test your skills while receiving many hours of expert instruction on interpreting animal track and sign.

Nate Harvey will be leading the process. As he circles a specific set of prints or other sign, he will ask from 1-3 questions about it and participants will give their best answers. After all have answered, Nate will then engage in lively discussion on the breakdown of his interpretation revealing the answers as he came to them.

The Tracker Certifcation is world renown as one of the finest tracking experiences and evaluative processes for learning and honing the skills of animal tracking. And it's really fun!


Dates: January 22,23

Location: Chatham, NY 

Cost: 250-300 (sliding scale)

10 person maximum enrollment

2022 Tracking Programs

Tracking with the

Rensselaer Plateau Alliance

Come explore one of the RPA conservation properties in rensselaer county. These tracts of land are usually ecologically or culturally significant parcels that are now preserved for the ecological integrity of the Rensselaer Plateau and public benefit. 

We'll get a glimpse at the wildlife that lives here and discover who our "wild" neighbors are!


Date: Jan 29

Time: 9-3:30

Location: Valentino Family Forest, Grafton NY

Registration: Click Here

February 20th,  Albany NY

This class is full. Registration closed

Tracking at Dyken Pond

Is it a squirrel? Is it a Porcupine? is it a Fox? Spend some time with Dan Yacobellis examining animal tracks and you will learn many tools and tips to help you identify and decipher the story they tell. Tracking is as old as the hunting. An ancient art/science that helped us modern day humans become who we are.

Come explore the pristine forest and diverse habitats of Dyken Pond Environmental Ed. Center to see the tracks, trails and signs the animal residents leave behind.


January 29th

January 30th

Date: Jan. 30th

Time: 9:30-3:30

Location: Dyken Pond Environmental Ed. Center, Grafton NY

Ages: 10-up

Registration: Click Here


Come wander the fields and ravines of the Bioreserve, located just on the edge of downtown Albany. This secret garden of wildness provides habitat for diverse species of birds, mammals and reptiles. Learn how to identify the animal inhabitants through the tracks and sign they leave behind and get a glimpse into their daily lives and routines.

Day Programs

Animals and Habitat Corridors

Date: Feb. 20

Time: 9:30- 3:00

Ages: Adult centered, but families welcome

Location: The Bioreserve, Glenmont NY

Cost: Public-50.00, Seniors and Students- 25, Kids under 12 free

Wildlife Corridors

The fragmentation of habitat puts a huge stress on birds and mammals. Protected areas such as The Bioreserve provide space and connectivity for these creatures to move, breed, migrate, nest and raise young without the human intrusions that threaten their existence. 

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