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Capital District Tracking Club:   Feb. 13, Feb. 21. 

                 The conditions are so good we have to have 2 this month!

                                  This is a free event.  Donations accepted 

Winter Animal Tracking Events in February

Animal Tracking at Dyken Pond Environmental Education Center
Feb. 28    Morning and afternoon sessions 
Afternoon is filling up so be an early bird and get to see the tracks first!
      Contact Dyken Pond Center to Register or call 518 658 2055

Seasonal weekly childrens programs in Albany, NY. 6-10 week programs designed to give chidren a sustained experience to grow  and develope their skills

Teen Boys Rites of Passage. Monthly meetings culminating in an annual 4 day initiation ceremony

Adult Animal Tracking Courses and other Tracking services

Mentoring children and adults in forming new relationships with nature, themselves and each other

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